Thea Browne-Dennis is the founder of Asli Pure Natural Body Care LLC.  Thea Browne-Dennis holds a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Howard University and has created a line of natural body care products designed to add ritual to daily life.   The Asli Pure product line uses nutrient rich oils, plant botanicals, and therapeutic aromas to create bath care tools that cleanse, nourish and promote healthy, radiant skin.

The mission of Asli Pure is to bring balance within by combining body care and nature. The earth is endowed with bountiful gifts from which both the internal and external body can benefit. Asli Pure harnesses this energy by combining the best ingredients with warmth, love, and life.

Asli Pure Natural Body care was founded in 2005 and has steadily been gaining popularity in the Washington Metropolitan Area.  All products are free of artificial colors and are formulated with plant based ingredients.   Asli pure aims to promote self care and love thru the use of ritual bath care.  The aromas and textures created by Asli Pure Natural Body Care are developed to enhance your bathing experience and allow you to indulge even if you are only allotted a quick 10 min shower.